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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rogallo Wing Project

Electric Powered Flying Witch with Rogallo wing.

Big Witch "WILGA" Gas Powered

Electric with hat brim wing

Monday, September 13, 2010

Float Flying

Electric float flying s not without it's risks. There is nothing that can fry expensive electronic components as fast as a few drops of water lodging on the circuit boards. Electronic Speed Controls are especially vulnerable in this case because of the large currents involved. Water proof sealants such as marine Goop is effective for sealing the open ends of the shrink wrap which is often used to wrap ESC's.

ARC Cessna 177 Cardinal Float Plane

The ARC Modelfly Cessna 177 Cardinal is constructed of 100 % ABS plastic and is sold complete with wheels and a set of floats. The ARF kit was purchased on the internet complete with a new Pico 61 engine and a set of 4 standard servos. The kit was so well engineered that the parts snapped together as accurately as if it were a Lego set. The plastic construction is very tough and of course waterpoof which makes the Cardinal ideal for float flying. The model proved to be so good to fly, that I spent most of the summer flying it and did not get around to flying any of my other float planes, including my new Piper Cub that was also built last winter to replace my old Cub, which was becoming too heavy and weak for float flying.

Carl Goldberg Anniversary Cub

Lazy Ace Biplane

Red Zephyr

The nitro version of the famous Lazy Bee when fitted with a pair of GWS floats proves that it can also be crazy bee when the taps are opened on its OS MAX 11 CZ car engine.
I purchased this model many years ago and flew if a few times with its not so reliable, Cox 09 RC engine before putting it aside and going on to other more flyable models. It was stored at my hanger (8X12 foot garden shed) at the lake for a couple of years before giving it a try as a float flyer. It was mounted on a pair of rather small GWS foam and plastic floats that were intended for a much lighter electric foamy Tiger Moth. Using a light weight 3 inch Dan Brown wheel on the tail to serve as a combination, tail float and rudder the Bee proved to be well at home on the water.
The powerful CZ engine gives the Bee sufficient punch to execute some snappy water take-offs and turn the lazy one, into something that can only be described as a crazy thing.
The engine itself was a pleasant surprise: easy starting; extremely reliable throughout its full speed range; and with an idle so sweet, that it was approached by a couple of baby otters while idling at the water's edge. The poor confused little guys must have though it was their mother calling them for dinner (too bad they were not caught on the video).