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Monday, July 18, 2016

134 inch Lancaster Electric Bomber

Tony Nijhuis' 134” Avro Lancaster by Cris Maltomson

3404mm / 134"
2286mm / 90"
Electric Motors
4-Max Recommended
5 Function
AUW (Electric)
12.7kg / 28lbs
The 134” Lancaster is a scaled up version of the 72” version and incorporates the exact same build techniques as its’ smaller sister. So for building information please refer to the72” Lancaster pdf down load.
Originally designed for 4 speed 600 motors with gearboxes, back in 2002, model will now benefit greatly from Brushless and Lipo batteries.
For IC conversion, 4 x .40 size 2-stroke or .52-4 stroke engines will provide adequate power.
The model is design for retractable undercarriage.
Plan, canopy, cowls and turrets, are available as is a CNC pack and wood pack.
The CNC pack includes, ply fuselage formers, ply wing & tailplane ribs, nacelle structure and spar braces.

Each motor has its own battery, electronic speed control, receiver and receiver battery. The red wire from the ESC is pinned back and only the signal wire and the black wire leads to the receiver's throttle channel plug. 
The wing's spars are bolted to the fuselage's frames by 2 1/4 inch bolts which engage blind nuts in the frames; making a very tight joint at the aircraft's centerline. 

The main landing gears are purchased from the designer's store.

The gear is pneumatically actuated.

The multiple receivers and batteries give the plane several layers of redundancy. 

Most of the forward area lacks detailing which will be added after she becomes a seasoned reliable flyer.
All the glazing and finishing items are available separately from the kit manufacturer.

Plan for 134" Lancaster£55.00
Vac form set (canopy cowls and turrets)£65.00
Plan + Vac form set Save £5.00£115.00
CNC Pack (ply fuselage formers, ply wing & tailplane ribs, nacelle structure and spar braces)£144.00
Plan + Vac form Set + CNC Pack Save £10.00£254.00
Wood Pack to complete model (stock sheet and strip)£183.00
Plan + Vac form Set + CNC Pack + Wood Pack Save £20.00£427.00
1/9th Scale British WWII Pilot. H80mm x W75mm£4.99

Gradually it evolved into a seasoned reliable flyer and with additional detail ling completed it evolves into a model of the famous Dambuster Lancs of WW2

Published on 6 Sep 2017 134 inch wing span, Lancaster Bomber. Each engine nacelle is fitted with its own radio receiver, battery, electronic speed controller and brush-less motor.

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