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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Garage Sale Special-Jemco Vintage Corsair Partial Kit

Corsair kit. An ideal scratch builders project for an Astro 25 or 40, geared or direct drive.. 

 This is what a kit should contain. 

Of course mine is missing a few parts. Like the sheet of full size plans; a few plywood fuselage frames, but  the punched out sheets are there and could be used as a pattern for them. The foam wing cores are also missing and the building jig for holding the frames into their proper location during fuselage building. There are a few extra items included in the box: that wasn't supplied in the kit: a set of Robarts 3 1/2 diamond thread and lettered side walls; a Vortac scale droppable bom plus Vortac bomb racks; a fuel tank; a tub of  K&B microballoons for forming fillets etc. 

The model built form this kit would be 54"ws with 556 sq. in. of wing area and suitable for electric or Nitro power.

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