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Friday, June 21, 2013


The Loeing Amphibian- was a very advanced aircraft for it's time. Designed and built in 1920's it was equipped with fully retracting landing gear which folded into recesses in the planing hull. Powered with a water cooled inverted twelve cylinder engine it could accommodate  up to seven .
First flown in 1923, the OL was a high-performance amphibian with a large single hull and stabilising floats fitted underneath each lower wing. The landing gear was retractable by use of a hand-crank in the cockpit, and the plane was equipped with a tailskid for operations on land. It had a tandem open cockpit for a crew of two. The aircraft could be flown from either cockpit, with a wheel control in the forward cockpit and a removable stick control in the rear. Navigation and engine instruments were located in the forward cockpit.

The Model:- Designed and built from scratch by Dave Hughes  an Ottawa Valley master model builder. Constructed mainly from balsa and styro foam. Featuring fully functional landing and flying wires.  The port and starboard  wing panels are permanently rigged to form separate units. The wing panel units are attached to the fuselage by four hinge pins which result in quick fool proof field set-up.