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Monday, February 13, 2012

Flyer-1 1903-2003 Centenial

Wright Flyer 1 1903-2003
Rubber Powered Free Flight model airplane

wing span 400 mm;
length 500 mm;
motor 200 turns;
4 strands 1/4 inch rubber;
precision counter-rotating dual propeller mechanism.

Very Nice! How Does She Fly?
Thank You!
poppopscarvinshop 18 hours ago

@poppopscarvinshop Haven't tried it yet but they say it will: although it does seem to me to be a little on the heavy side, but I will try to fly it when I get a chance. What I would really like to do is to make an RC copy using lighter materials and power it with a brush-less electric motor driving that clever propeller drive mechanism..

Beautifully and intricately made! When will we see flight video?
You are an Aeromodeller?
ib422000 18 hours ago
@ib422000 Yes I have been an Aeromodeller for years. I have to admit that I cannot take any credit for this cute little flying machine, because it is from a kit by a clever Chinese designer named Dr. Danny H.Y. Li and kitted by LYONAEEC that anyone can buy for less than 25 dollars and put together in a couple of hours. It is also supposed to fly and I will try to just that when the conditions are perfect. I will post the video right here if it does.
davideo4301 38 minutes ago 

If you wait long enough someone will do exactly what you were thinking of before you get to it. That's exactly what happened in this case.

Judging from the video it flew great. 


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